What is Canvix?

Canvix is an easy to install dry erase whiteboard film – offered with either a magnetized backing for metal surfaces or an adhesive backing for other surfaces. Canvix allows you to create a whiteboard from any smooth surface in no time. You can write on Canvix with any dry whiteboard marker, wipe clean and write on again.

Is it the same as that of an ordinary whiteboard?

Yes, our whiteboard film has the same level of quality as a traditional whiteboard. Here's the even better news: if for any reason you're less than 100% satisfied with your Canvix, you can always contact us directly for a full refund. No questions ask, ever.

Is the sticker film version reusable?

Our whiteboard sticker film is designed for one-time, semi-permanent use. Having said that, depending on the surface you first apply it to, you may have some luck reapplying it elsewhere, but there's no guarantee. What is guaranteed however is your satisfaction.

Will the sticker film stick to a whiteboard?

Our whiteboard sticker film should absolutely be able to stick to a whiteboard. In fact, "refreshing" an old whiteboard is a very common use case for this product.

Can you cut it to fit your surface?

Yes - you can cut it to fit any size or shaped surface!

I have another question, can you help me?

We sure can! Just send us a message – we're happy to help!